Doyle Land Services

We have provided the full scope of site acquisition services on network deployments, expansions and fill-ins for many of the leading tower companies and wireless carriers in the United States. One of the challenges in service to the wireless industry are the differing processes that our clients use to accomplish their goals. It is incumbent upon us to tailor our efforts so they best fit our client's schedules and reporting needs. We feel we have done this effectively but we also have been helpful in assisting them streamline their site identification and evaluation, zoning approval and site acquisition and title examination processes.

  • Project Management (Coordinated Field Leadership - Data, Mapping and Strategy Management - Budget / Milestone Estimate to Actual Tracking and Management)
  • Site Candidate Identification and Evaluation
  • Lease, Easement and Fee Acquisition
  • Zoning Approvals and Permitting
  • Phase Zero (0) Environmental Surveys
  • Periodic Performance Reports
  • Abstracting and Title Services
  • Close Out Package (Site History)
  • Acquisition/Divestiture Due Diligence
  • Database Design and Maintenance (Web Enabled, Server Base and Remote)
  • Site and Mapping Records Integration
  • Mapping (CAD)