Doyle Land Services

We provide project management, right of way, non-environmental permitting and GIS mapping services to the Gas Storage industry throughout the United States. It has been a natural fit for us as our experience and expertise in pipeline right of way services are essential elements in fully addressing the legal and contractual construction of a gas storage facility. In support of our client's builds and acquisitions, we focus on providing our services and deliverables within defined budgets and timelines. This is a key element of our service.

Service Offerings

  • Project Management (Coordinated Field Leadership - Data, Mapping and Strategy Management - Budget / Milestone Estimate to Actual Tracking and Management)
  • Route and Site Identification and Evaluation
  • Survey Permission Receipt
  • Abstracting and Title Examination
  • Easement, Lease and Fee Acquisition
  • Gas Storage Agreement Acquisition
  • Expert Witness Representation
  • Permitting
  • Condemnation Support
  • Construction Support
  • Damage Claim Settlement
  • Mapping (CAD / GIS)
  • Right of Way and Mapping Records Integration
  • Acquisition / Divestiture Due Diligence
  • Phase Zero (0) Environmental Surveys
  • Database Design and Maintenance (Web Enabled, Server Base and Remote)
  • Property Management