Doyle Land Services

We have represented numerous government agencies on their acquisition, title and relocation efforts. Most of these efforts have been in support of State Department of Transportations highway construction projects. We have also supported Parish and County government agencies on their title and acquisition projects. Our organization and agents understand the nuances of proper and efficient acquisitions on government projects and we have successfully coordinated our efforts with the staffs of the separate agencies.

  • Project Management (Coordinated Field Leadership - Data, Mapping and Strategy Management - Budget / Milestone Estimate to Actual Tracking and Management)
  • Title Examination and Abstracting
  • Easement and Fee Acquisition
  • Condemnation Support
  • Damage Claim Settlement
  • Relocation Assistance
  • Phase Zero (0) Environmental Surveys
  • Real Estate Appraisal Support
  • Database Design and Maintenance (Web Enabled, Server Base and Remote)
  • Mapping (CAD)